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Easy Sautéed Sweet Potatoes with Garlic

Well-seasoned with lots of garlic, easy to make, and ready in just 30 minutes, these sautéed sweet potatoes are a healthy and delicious vegetable side dish. Let's make this Sautéed Sweet Potatoes recipe together!

Why You'll Love This Sautéed Sweet Potato Recipe

01. Ready in 30 minutes

02. Only 8 ingredients

03. Healthy

04. Easily customizable

Ingredient List

Sweet Potatoes Garlic Olive Oil Smoked Paprika Onion Powder Garlic Powder Kosher Salt Black Pepper Water

Sauté sweet potatoes


Season with spices and garlic


Quick Tip

Cut the sweet potatoes into small, uniform pieces. Cutting the sweet potatoes into uniform ½-inch cubes ensures they cook quickly and evenly.

Ashley Petrie

An Easy Vegetable Side Dish Recipe