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Sourdough Irish Soda Bread

Soft, tender crumb and a crusty, golden-brown exterior with a chewy texture, this sourdough discard recipe offers a unique twist on a St. Patrick’s Day favorite. Let's make this Sourdough Irish Soda Bread recipe together!

Why You'll Love This Sourdough Irish Soda Bread

01. Uses sourdough discard

02. Only requires 5 ingredients

03. Ready in just 45 minutes

Ingredient List

Sourdough Discard Buttermilk All-Purpose Flour Baking Soda Kosher Salt

Combine dry ingredients


Add wet ingredients


Mix dough


Form loaf and score


Bake soda bread


Quick Tip

Don't overwork the dough.  Avoid overmixing the dough, as this can lead to a tough, overly dense texture in the finished bread.

Ashley Petrie

A Simple Sourdough Discard Recipe