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Easy Homemade Mushroom Pizza Recipe

Made with scratch-made pizza dough, homemade tomato sauce, fresh button mushrooms, and shredded mozzarella cheese, this vegetarian pizza is perfect for pizza night. Let's make this Mushroom Pizza recipe together!

Why You'll Love This Mushroom Pizza Recipe

01. Vegetarian

02. Ready in 30 minutes

03. Customizable

04. Make-ahead friendly

Ingredient List

Button Mushrooms Pizza Dough Tomato Sauce Mozzarella Cheese Olive Oil Garlic Powder Kosher Salt Black Pepper

Cook the mushrooms


Stretch out the pizza dough


Assemble the pizza


Bake the pizza




No Pizza Stone?

Use an upside-down baking sheet instead.  Place the baking sheet upside down on the oven rack and preheat it to 550°F just like you would with a pizza stone.

Ashley Petrie

An Easy Vegetarian Pizza Recipe