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Best Ground Turkey Shepherd's Pie

Made in a cast iron skillet with tender ground turkey, flavorful vegetables, and fresh herbs, this ground turkey shepherd's pie is the best-tasting shepherd's pie you'll ever try. Let's make this Ground Turkey Shepherd's Pie recipe together!

Why You'll Love This Turkey Shepherd's Pie Recipe

01. Made from scratch

02. Flavorful - fresh herbs and veggies

03. Easy cleanup

04. Healthy, lean protein

Ingredient List

Russet Potatoes Carrots Peas Corn Garlic Onion Ground Turkey Fresh Herbs Butter Half and Half Flour Tomato Paste

Make mashed potatoes


Sauté vegetables and herbs


Brown ground turkey


Add flour to thicken


Top with mashed potatoes




Quick Tip

Allow the shepherd's pie to rest for 15-20 minutes before serving. Letting it rest helps the filling hold together better.

Ashley Petrie

An Easy Scratch-Made Dinner Recipe