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Pan-Seared Basil Pesto Butter Salmon

Pan-seared to perfection and topped with homemade pesto butter for a flavorful and easy seafood dinner that everyone will devour. Let's make this Salmon with Pesto Butter recipe together!

Why You'll Love This Pesto Butter Salmon Recipe

01. Healthy and flavorful

02. Made with just 7 ingredients

03. Ready in only 20 minutes

04. Perfect for summer

Ingredient List

Salmon Pesto Unsalted Butter Olive Oil Lemon Juice Kosher Salt Black Pepper

Make the pesto butter


Pan-sear the salmon


Top salmon with pesto butter


Plate and drizzle with lemon juice


Quick Tip

Salmon is cooked through when it reaches an internal temperature of 145°F.  Or press gently on the top of the salmon to see if it is beginning to flake.

Ashley Petrie

An Easy & Flavorful Salmon Recipe