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Easy Pan-Seared Chicken Breast (20 Minutes!)

Ready in just 20 minutes, this pan-seared chicken breast is a simple, delicious, and satisfying main dish that you can easily pair with your favorite starch and vegetable sides. Let's make this Pan-Seared Chicken Breast recipe together!

Why You'll Love This Pan-Seared Chicken Recipe

01. Made with only 8 ingredients

02. Ready in just 20 minutes

04. Healthy, versatile, and perfect for meal prep

03. Tender and juicy breast meat

Ingredient List

Chicken Breast Canola Oil Garlic Powder Onion Powder Smoked Paprika Dried Oregano Kosher Salt Black Pepper

Prepare the chicken breast


Season the chicken breast


Sear the chicken breast


Rest for 5 minutes before slicing


Why Pound Chicken?

Pounding the chicken before searing tenderizes it, which leads to moist and juicy chicken breast. It also helps the chicken cook through quickly and evenly.

Ashley Petrie

An Easy Pan-Seared Chicken Recipe