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Juicy Air Fryer Turkey Burgers (No Breadcrumbs)

With endless toppings to choose from, everyone in your family will love digging into these healthy turkey burgers on burger night. Let's make this Air Fryer Turkey Burger recipe together!

Why You'll Love This Air Fryer Turkey Burger Recipe

01. Juicy and flavorful

02. Ready in 20 minutes

03. Versatile

04. Egg-free, dairy-free, and low-carb friendly

Ingredient List

Ground Turkey Onion Ketchup Soy Sauce Dijon Mustard Garlic Powder Onion Powder Kosher Salt Black Pepper

Make the turkey mixture


Shape into patties


Air fry for 11-13 minutes at 375°F



Lettuce Onion Tomato Avocado Pickles Cheese Bacon Caramelized Onions Fried Egg Condiments

Ashley Petrie

A Healthy Turkey Burger Recipe