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Italian-Style Stuffed Peppers (Without Tomato Sauce)

Made with roasted red pepper purée, this dish is loaded with lean ground beef, vegetables, and rice. Serve with a side salad or roasted veggies for a healthy and easy weeknight dinner. Let's make these Stuffed Peppers (without tomato sauce) together!

Why You'll Love This Stuffed Peppers Recipe

01. Healthy, balanced, and satisfying meal

02. Flavorful and easy to make

03. No tomatoes

04. Gluten-free and low-carb

Ingredient List

Bell Peppers Roasted Red Peppers Water Olive Oil Onion Garlic Ground Beef Cooked Rice Parmesan Cheese Seasonings

Par-bake the bell peppers


Purée the roasted red peppers


Sauté the vegetables and ground beef


Add rice, seasonings, and red pepper sauce


Fill the peppers and bake


Meal Prep Tip:

Use Leftover Rice Plan to make another recipe that uses rice the same week you make these stuffed peppers. Then, you can make it all in one big batch for easier dinner prep.

Ashley Petrie

A Healthy and Delicious Dinner Recipe