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Easy Teriyaki Udon Noodles (15 Minutes!)

Made with udon noodles and a simple homemade teriyaki sauce, this flavorful side dish only takes 15 minutes to throw together. Serve with your favorite protein and stir-fried vegetables for a well-balanced meal. Let's make this Teriyaki Udon Noodle recipe together!

Why You'll Love This Teriyaki Udon Noodle Recipe

01. Ready in just 15 minutes

02. Only 7 ingredients

03. Flavorful  side dish

04. Vegan-friendly

Ingredient List

Udon Noodles Soy Sauce Brown Sugar Sesame Oil Apple Cider Vinegar Garlic Ground Ginger

Cook udon noodles


Make teriyaki sauce


Toss noodles with teriyaki sauce


Serve With:

Chicken Beef Shrimp Tofu Tempeh Tempura Vegetables Stir-Fry Vegetables Miso Soup Sushi

Ashley Petrie

A Simple Noodle Recipe